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Psychic Reading Guide & FAQs

Psychic Reading - A step by step guide

Most people are not really sure if psychic readings are the true deal or just a myth. Psychic readings are often perceived as unknown, missunderstood and mystical. That's the most mentioned attributes when asking people about their opinion on psychic readings.

The topic offers a lot of room for missconception as it's an incredibly complex and difficult area. With so many alternatives on the market, possibilities to chose from, it seems to be an impossible task to find a good entry point.

For a beginning, you should clarify to yourself how you would define psychic reading. How does it work? Have you been in contact to real psychics yet? Is all you know based on movies / infos from the web? Or is your first thought related to some dark mystic room with a strange guy sitting behind a deck of cards?

Whatever your first thought was, you need to know what you can expect from a psychic reading first before going for one. You need to educate yourself about the different possibilities of a psychic reading, the different aspects of specific techniques and in overall, what it's all about. Expectations and reality often differ a lot for newcomers.


So first of all, not all psychic readers are frauds. There are a lot of professionals who actually know what they're doing and provide an excellent service for people. The basics for a professional are (or at least should be) knowledge about psychology by a study or learning, as much as possible experience and integrity which comes along with high standards of operation.

That being said, there are in fact a lot of fake psychic readers out there. Most of them can be categorized in two different chapters: there is a group defined as straight fake artists who are out there for nothing but making cash out of people looking for advice. These people are usually very intelligent, clever yet criminal. They try to take advantage of peoples' need and fears by dirty techniques to try to sell them as much readings as they can. For them, clients are nothing but a cash cow.

The second group are script readers. These readers act strict by a predefined script, asking a lot of questions about your personal life. As soon as you gave them these answers, they would start acting like they had a connection to you and tell you answers and facts that in fact, they've just been told by you. The only small light at the end of the tunnel is that the scripst are usually pretty good and well done, so it's not as much of a scam as the first group.

So your first task is to avoid the two groups of psychics mentioned above. There are hundreds if not thousands of professional top psychics in the world. These psychics can definitely help you in finding the right answers or obtaining valuable information by connecting to you on a spiritual level. An honest psychic will be able to produce positive changes for you while at the same time acting as a consultant for your problems. A good sign that you've found a true professional can be answers or statements he/she makes that are negative. While this sounds weird in the beginning, think about it twice: it's impossible for a true psychic to give you positive and shiny answers only. As soon as you're ready to become open minded towards your psychic, you will personally feel the connection between you two and take the whole psychic reading to a whole new level, which again results in more accurate psychic readings.

We strongly advise everybody to check the background of his psychic reader before making an appointment. There's a lot of research to be done before you should open yourself to a psychic. But as soon as you've found somebody trustworthy who's actually qualified, professional and cares about his customers, it's a unique experience you're about to witness. Just like with anything in life, the path is often the hardest part of the journey - so is finding a trustworthy psychic reader a time consuming and difficult task, but at the end of the day, absolutely worth the time and efforts.