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Psychic Reading Guide & FAQs

Free Psychic Readings

Free Psychic Readings - Be Careful

In general, professionals do not offer their services for free. That being said, even professionals who are just starting out their psychic reading business need clients and exposure and you can get lucky to get a free psychic reading by a good, yet unexperienced psychic reader. More than any other occupation, psychic readers live of their reputation and people sharing their positive results. The other side of the coin is of course the catch with these free offers - often it's a blatant try to upsell you for more readings afterwards, selling a subscription (often with free trials) or to find vulnerable people who are easy victims for future scams.

Whenever you find a free psychic reading offer that's online or on the phone, make sure to double check the terms. Often enough, the first couple of minutes are free on a call and afterwards, the model switches to (expensive) pay per minute rates.

A free psychic reading is a good entry point for people who haven't decided yet is psychic reading is the right thing for them. However, you must not forget that the experience within a couple of free minutes or a single psychic reading will not reflect the true experience of having a psychic you visit regularly, who you trust and who you built a relationship with.

The majority of the free offers are really just offered to catch a new customer and bring people who wouldn't go for it to the table for the first time. Let's be realistic, nobody who's qualified enough will offer anything for free to somebody. Same as in other industries, these offers attract people to try something out and afterwards get paying customers.

As a summary, ask yourself the following questions before applying for a free psychic reading:

- what is free (minutes, registration)?
- is there a catch (normally there is)?
- can people offering free psychic readings be trusted at all (explained above)
- do I get notified when the pay per minute kicks in?

We hope the article above will help you to avoid costly mistakes when deciding for these free offers. There are for sure legit free offers by pschic readers, however, most of the time it's really just for the sake of generating a new customer.